Rebate Rates

List of account types eligible to receive cashback.

Broker Cashback
XM 95%
AXI 95%
HFM 100%
HFM (Auto) 95%
GemForex 100%
FXGT 100%
is6FX 100%
TitanFX 85%
easyMarkets 100%
SuperForex 40%
YADIX 100%
CryptoGT 100%

What is Cashback?’s cash back is the return of the spread and trading commissions you pay to FX companies and other financial institutions when you trade FX.

When you register with, you will receive cash back for every trade you make, regardless of the profit or loss result of the trade, effectively reducing your trading costs to near zero.

There are no conditions on the amount of cash back. Cash back will continue to accrue for as long as you trade, unlimited and indefinitely.

Up to 101% Cashback offers the largest rebates in the industry, with an exceptionally high rebate rate of up to 101% on foreign FX accounts and virtual currency exchanges.

Cash back can be withdrawn in Crypto-Currencies.

How to receive

Already have a trading account?

If you already have a trading account with a participating firm, please follow the steps below to register.

  1. Apply to move your trading account to to receive your cash back.
  2. Apply to your trading account
  3. Start trading & receive cash back
  4. Withdraw & receive cash back in Crypto-Currencies

If you do not have an account

If you are opening a new account at an eligible vendor, please follow the steps below to register.

  1. Open an account at a participating broker through
  2. Apply for a trading account number to after opening an account
  3. Start trading & earn cash back
  4. Withdraw & receive your money in Crypto-Currencies

Select a dollar account as your account currency recommends dollar accounts in order to provide you with an advantageous environment. When opening a new or additional account, please use a dollar account.

How to Receive Cash Back

Cashback is available for BTC and USDT.

Due to the special rebate amount of 101%, you will be able to receive your cash back 3 months after the rebate is generated.